Dear (distinguished scientists, researchers, professors),

Keshe Foundation Television (KFTV) cordially invites you to present your research and participate in a panel discussion with other distinguished guests from all around the world. Proposed topics to be discussed are:
Space Exploration and Technology, Earth Exploration, Cosmology, Theoretical and Applied Physics, Health, Agriculture, Environment, Resources, Energy, and Materials.

This event is sponsored by the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute (KFSSI) and will be recorded / streamed to a worldwide audience by KFTV.

Keshe Foundation is a worldwide scientific organization whose main goal is to implement all aspects of the Keshe Plasma Science and Technologies, as presented by nuclear engineer Mehran Tavakoli Keshe. Implementation is achieved through the fundamental knowledge and understanding of the plasma science.

The panel discussion will be conducted online and the time and place will be announced well in advance. Candidates interested in participating should forward details of their credentials, research interests and dates/times when available to the following address:

We look forward to your participation.


The Universal Council

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