The Vision for Our Near Future – M.T. Keshe

English Transcription: (331 KSW 4:16)

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In a recent Knowledge Seekers Workshop, an Iranian woman asked Mr. Keshe about his vision for the near future for mankind.

Question: “I want to know what is the vision for the next three years, or more, I don’t know, (4:16). I am new with this science”.

Mr. Keshe: “Our vision is very simple. It’s laid out very clearly. We’ll see world peace, we already entered it, it’s just a matter of polishing it. Some nations will cleanup their own house for what they have done wrong before, but that is their internal war, between themselves, not us. As we see in the United States. Otherwise it’s cleanup time for themselves.

Progressively we see the evolution in science and technology, and a lot of things in the next 3 to 5 years will not be what we see, what we know today. Mainly we will not see armies, we will see eradication of military forces due to 2 or 3 factors. The knowledge brought out and we’ll bring out will make the present arms obsolete. Secondly, the present situation in the world does not allow no nation to buy arms. They cannot afford it, unless they are corrupt nations who try to, just put some money in the bank, it doesn’t matter what the nation does.

Then we’ll see eradication of hunger in the next 3 to 5 years. I had this discussion in the teaching last Tuesday, that we were talking about the satellites. In fact the Keshe Foundation does not need to rely on satellites. You have the technology much better than satellites. The system which you develop, will fly and supply the energy needed for food. Satellites in reality have become obsolete, in that sense. (4:18). but at the same time, we see the eradication of total and absolute eradication of use of fossil fuel.

Very soon, very rapidly, we’ll see the end of use of fossil fuel, because once the new technology on the Magnetic and Gravitational field released, people will take the engines out of their cars. So simple. This is what we are going to do hopefully, in a very short time in Iran, in the university. This is one of the first projects I want to be in it, it’s on the table of the work that the university wants to do, and I said, I am in it with the KF Knowledge Seekers. We want to do, we want to bring a special system out, and I am in it for everything which is going to be. So we see, many, many old tankers you see on the high seas, they’ll stay there. They rot and they pollute, and so we have to plan for them. It’s the beauty of what we’ll get back. We’ll see by reduction in the use of what we call, fossil fuel a lot of changes. We’ll see new illnesses due to change of atmosphere, because we go back to more clean atmosphere, and we are not used to it.

We see the end of the drugs, and drug trafficking in the next 3 to 5 years. We do not see anything in that line. What I see, is the end of what we call the present propulsion flights as we introduce more and more, new flight systems, because they’ll become obsolete by their nature. What I see, mankind will keep the space station as a memory of “good old days.” Very soon, because man will move beyond space, into Mars and Moon, and beyond solar system in a matter of minutes. (4:20).

We see the end of kingship and leadership, it will become a collective human race to support itself. I see the end of hungers through the process as I explained, and the same (with) medicine. What I see is very simple, is the fact of what I know my technology have, and in fact we see, the world governments will change to it because of the Corona. Corona wasn’t that bad, it brought a lot of good things. What we see is more or less the crash in the property market. People will give you their houses to live in it, because with the present knowledge and what is to come in the next 5 to 10 years, people do not need to live in crowded cities. There will be an option.

What we see, one of the first things, in the next, maybe 2 to 3 years, is part of the program of the Keshe Foundation, what we will be working in the background, is end to mining. That will come very, very fast, and the beginning of it is already setup in Arizona testing centers. Which means we do not go into the resources to deplete and destroy the farms, the gardens, and the yards, the jungles and whatever. We will have respect for the planet. The knowledge will come through transfer of the fields. We don’t let the earth to do.

In so many ways, I see the end of slaughtering animals, that is one of the first things mankind will stop. The nature will find its own balance, and this is due to be able to deliver food, or what we call, energy for life, will eradicate the use of animals. This is hundred percent sure will be on the card. On the other hand, (4:22). we’ll see the end of use of, and destruction of the planet. These all will come together, now especially that we start with Corona, now that the technology comes, people have to accept it, because of the Corona. And as it comes, we accepted that it works, we start building. The research and development in the new technology of the plasma and understanding of the work of the universe, will change that rapidly.

What I see is colonization. Man will start colonizing very, very fast. We go to New York for the best restaurant, we go to Mars for a coffee and back. These are not dreams, these are what is on the card. You will see it. We will make these places to fit us, as living. As we have created the “dome of peace,” we’ll create a dome of life, living on a different planet. In so many ways, we will see entrepreneurs will not open beautiful restaurants and service stations, they’ll build these centers across, and different routes that people can and watch the beauty of the creation.

Mankind’s way of working will change in the next 20 years. Well none of us will work, because we have to work to live. We will work with the pleasure of it. We’ll all become scientists and we’ll all become devoted to serve. Because everybody else is busy doing nothing, and everyone else will do what they like. I don’t vision, I know what is to come. We’ll see a new life, a new cycle. I see a new birth, and that birth will change everything which comes with it. Birth of a new cycle for man, and with it will come a birth of new cycle for the whole of the universe. (4:24). We are the tiniest dust but, we become the important dust.

I see a lot, end of religions, because every man becomes religious to the order of the correct order. We believe through the soul of ours, and we see what the prophets saw. We’ll live by their ethos, not by us talking about it. There is one thing for sure, and that’s for sure 100%, we’ll see a lot of marriages, intermarriages between the mankind and other races, who are here, too shy to show themselves, because now man has quieted, man has matured, we will see that. They will not hide in the clothes of man, they will be themselves. And this will bring a lot of shock to a lot of us, because we don’t eat them, we don’t see them as food.
In so many ways, we have changed the course of humanity, and we’ll see how human race will respond to it.

My vision is very simple, because I know what I brought, and I know what I planned, and I know what I am delivering, and I know what I am going to get for it. And there is one thing for sure, I will die in the most beautiful place in the universe, in the physical dimension.”

The transcription above is contributed courtesy of the Keshe Foundation Knowledge Seekers.
Source: Knowledge Seekers Workshop 331, Saturday, June 6, 2020
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A New Tomorrow – M.T. Keshe

(Media credits: Lisa MacDonald. Transcript contributed by Knowledge Seekers)

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Link: https://youtu.be/GCdKPuOQ2h4

In the world of creation we had the two extremes, except in the case of the Creator and Mithra, where we could never bring the functionality of the soul within the functionality of physicality. We had the physicality hidden within the soul or soul within the physicality, or in conjunction of the two. One would never have had the understanding of the totality where we could transit, but exist in both dimension.

With the new cycle, this is what Einstein said, “When you turn one atom the other atom changes”. This new dimension will blow that field, which commonly exists between all the cells of the Universe, into that position. Which means? All the created things as a gift from the Creator, in a way, become able to transmute between the two dimensions.

There’s a reason for this, and it’s taken a long time for it to be done. And it has reached its pinnacle and it will be completed. It’s already in the process of being completed. Was to take from the essence of the soul of every created things of the time, beginning of time, and essence of the creation of the Soul or the Centre, and create a new creature, which carries all the essence of the created in the New Soul.

We can, with it, go from the Soul of the Creator to the Soul of Physicality of Mithra. This is what the whole knowledge is, The Creator is the Universe and Mithra the Dimension of Physicality of it, and its behaviour towards dimension of physicality and with the new system, every creature in the Universe will have the understanding of the capability to transmute between the two.

This has a lot of implications for all races in the Universe, because now they all become the same. In the coming time, we will see even change in the position of galaxies, position of universes. Many systems will move due to the changes which has been brought.

Man doesn’t have that knowledge as such to monitor but, we will have the knowledge to see, we’ll have the time to see. That with a new fields, as we call it, a lot of things will move in the right position to keep that ability to change between the two. That you don’t need to kill to keep the
physicality going, you don’t need to steal.

And the soul doesn’t need to be encaged or to escape to be out on its own, to be able to confirm its existence. And this, this process will complete very soon. That the whole of Universal Community will be able to have the benefit of the two, both in dimension of energy or matter,
which never existed.

When we release the soul, we had to get rid of the physicality — you call it death. When we brought the soul, you had to give it a physicality and you go through the dimension of the birth, and then you have the whole commotion of bringing the two.

With a new system, both soul and the soul of physicality work together in the existence of dimension. We expect a massive change in the physical characteristics of human race in the coming century. Because, we change into the emotion of the physicality, the way as I said many times, but many never understood, “Indians and Pakistanis were the same, till one chose to take different kind of energy than the other one, and we see change of the feature.”

Now, with the balance between the soul of the man and the soul of the physicality of man, many of us will change feature, without a shadow of a doubt. Man will change the faces of anger. Man will change the faces of hate. Man will change the face of war and warmongering. Because, we can satisfiy the fields of it. And this is part of what will be, and what has already started and the completion of will be the birth of Mithra. Physical condition of birth of Mithra, in the physical dimension, not in myths. And then, we have the Soul of the Creator which the two will complete the cycle.

And then, as I said very recently to one of Knowledge Seekers, “Then we’ll see if Adam could eat from the Apple of Love and giving. And then, we’ll see how humanity will change. And the whole creation will change. We are at the verge of that change, much, much closer than anybody could think of, not only human race.

Media credits: Lisa MacDonald, Mohamed Hassan, AlemCoksa, Geralt.
https://pixabay.com, YouTube